Texas Southern University welcomes the opportunity to advise prospective vendors on how to do business with TSU and allow us to receive the full benefit of your services. The Purchasing Department is responsible for managing and processing the acquisition of goods and services in a timely manner through:

  • Ethical procurement practices
  • Development of skilled procurement expertise and implementation of “best practice” processes
  • Continuously providing the university community with current procurement policies and procedures with consistent application to ensure appropriate stewardship of public funds
  • Diligent pursuit of fair and equitable competition ensuring maximum opportunities for participation of historically underutilized and small businesses
  • Reliably managing all transactions effectively and consistently from purchasing through payment

The Purchasing Department is also charged with the responsibility of providing resourceful practices that follow the Procurement laws of State of Texas and to maintain and expand vendor relations that enable competitive and diversified vendor sources that will provide the best value to the University.


The Purchasing Department is located in Hannah Hall, 3100 Cleburne Street, Houston, TX 77004 and HUB Program is located in the General Services Building, 3443 Blodgett Street, Houston, TX 77004.


The majority of our students are commuter's therefore parking can difficult. Because parking rules are strictly enforced it is suggested that you park in the East or West Garage.

Note: If you are in a marked company vehicle you may park in any loading zone for the time period designated.

Who Buys What

  • College or Department staff: Non-Competitive-purchases up to $5,000 via direct payment voucher or P-Card.
  • Purchasing Department: Informal Solicitations of goods or services over $5,000.00
  • Facilities Planning and Construction: Building construction, renovation, repair, etc.

Campus Contacts:

Business Services: Manages services such as cafeterias, vending machines, bookstores
Birtenna Bennett
Director of Operations

Benjamin Green
Chief Information Officer Office of Information Technology 

Custodial Services: TSU uses in-house custodial staff
Diane Nicholson-Jones
Director of Buildings and Grounds

Facilities Planning and Construction-Provides maintenance services, major and minor construction and renovation projects
Bertran Harrison
Executive Director of Facilities and Maintenance Services

Landscaping and Minor Renovation
Executive Director of Buildings and Grounds

Printing Department –Provides copiers, printing and related services to the campus, some outsourcing
Rueben Joseph
Manager of Graphics

Residence Halls –Provides housing, maintenance and related items for students on campus
Yvette Barker
Director of Residential Life & Housing

Student Health Center –Provides medicines and other health related services to the University community
Feloniece Davis-Marsaw
Executive Director

College / Division Business Administrators contact info
College / Division Business Administrators 
BJ-ML School of Public Affairs Mouton, Stephen | 713-313-7347
Office of Continuing Education Oguayo, Uchechukwu | 713-313-7224
College of Education Martin, Michelle | 713-313-1952
College of Liberal Arts & Behavioral Sciences Parrish, Mary | 713-313-7211
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Gould, Richard | 713-313-7718
College of Science Technology Whaley, Charlotte | 713-313-7009
Graduate School Mitchell, Carol | 713-313-7891
JHJ School of Business Alex, Zenobia B. | 713-313-7715
School of Communications Gatson, Veronica | 713-313-7668
Thomas Freeman Honors College Neal, Shandon P. | 713-313-1180
Thurgood Marshall School of Law Thomas, Susan | 713-313-1147
Purchasing Department:  
Executive Director of Procurement Services
Director of Material Management
Buyer Sceffers Ward
Senior Buyer/HUB Coordinator Kisten Rhodes
Warehouse Manager Dan McCormick

Other Assistance:
Texas Southern University is a Texas State Agency and as such utilizes the State of Texas Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL). Vendors interested in being added to the CMBL can obtain information at: http://www.window.state.tx.us/procurement/prog/cmbl/

Procurement opportunities $25,000 or over are posted on the Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) http://comptroller.texas.gov/purchasing/